July 27, 2011


Since I don't have cute kids to post pictures of or super exciting stories to share you don't get me very often. However...I've been home from vacation for almost 2 weeks and all I have to say is I'M READY FOR MORE!!! The kids I watch are pleasantly occupying each other at the moment and we haven't had any potty training breakdowns today. All I can say is that babysitting is the BEST BIRTH CONTROL EVER!! I love kids and look forward to having them someday, but right now I'm pretty content with traveling and not taking care of someone who can't poop on their own. I have a whole new level of respect for you mothers out there! God bless you all!! ;)

This time of year it always seems like things are completely up in the air. Maybe this....maybe that...maybe this is where you'll be in a month...
It makes me very antsy and uncomfortable. For those who might not know me well, I am a very plan-happy kind of person. I realize I'm in the wrong field to not be okay with this lifestyle, but I love what I do so I try to make it work. I just get a little extra stressed this time of year.

1. I MIGHT have an audition at the end of August, therefore...
2. I MIGHT have to get a plane ticket to Portland, OR so..
3. I MIGHT (if I somehow miraculously get this job) have to figure out what to do about my newly leased apartment.
4. I MIGHT have an interview to teach bassoon at the University of Tulsa
5. I MIGHT have to change all of my client and aerobics class availability for the traveling if I get the job
6. I MIGHT have to drive to Tulsa every week (however lucky enough that my grandparents live there so I would have someone to stay with) and last but not least
7. I MIGHT have to move to Alaska to get out of this 2 straight months of over 100 degrees weather! Who wants to come with me?!

These may not seem like a huge deal, and some may seem like good Mights and Maybe's. but
I just want things to be in line...in a very straight line. :) While all of these things are panning out this is what I'm trying to keep in my mind to keep me nice and calm..

Frisbee with Dad at the beach near their home in Port St. Lucie, FL

The back patio of the student union at University of Wisconsin

Our sunset booze cruise in Key West

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